The training will prepare pilots to become flight instructors. Pilots with FI can train other students in the PPL module.


  • Age: at least 18 when starting the module
  • Medical: valid medical certificate EASA class 1 or class 2
  • Licenses and ratings:
    • age: min 18 years when starting
    • valid pilot licence, with SEP rating
    • Medical class I. or II.
    • CPL(A) license or PPL(A) with 150 hours of pilot-in-command time
    • completed a preliminary test within 6 month before starting the module
    • completed basic IR part (10 hours – max. 5 on FNPT-II SIM)
    • completed CPL or ATPL theoretical exams
    • 100 PIC hours and 200 hours total flight time for the final skill test


  • 30 hours of methodical flights in order to learn the different approaches in teaching the flight techniques.
  • 5 hours from total 30 can be mutual flying hours (with another candidate for an instructor).
  • During the 25 hours of the dual phase, the student will learn to demonstrate and correctly teach PPL exercises & procedures. Future Flight Instructor will also gain competences on student performance evaluation and corrective measures.