New CEO at Adria Airways Flight School and Open House Day

Adria Airways Flight School announced today that Sven Kukemelk has been appointed CEO.

Kukemelk has worked in the aviation industry for the last 13 years. He has significant experience in operations as he was CEO of Regional Jet and has worked in the commercial and operational divisions of various airlines. Even after taking over the management of the Flight School, he remains Deputy Director of Operations at Adria Airways. Accountable manager of the Flight school is Tadej Notersberg, also being Accountable Manager and Chief Operations officer in Adria Airways. Aleš Petan, the previous CEO of the Flight School, will continue his career outside the company.

Adria Airways Flight School is a renowned pilot training institution, with a highquality training programme and experienced aviation professionals – instructors who provide a high level of knowledge. The new management wants to cooperate more closely with Adria Airways, which has been reporting a lack of pilots for several years and wants to increase synergies between the two companies in the future and further improve the quality of training, and provide the highest possible level of education in Slovenia.

Adria Airways will ensure that all new candidates who have the right to live and work in EU will be included in the evaluation procedure for potential employment with the Slovenian airline.


The Flight School will open its doors to the public, especially to young people who want to become pilots, and present various training programmes. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to an experienced Adria Airways pilot, who will offer a personal insight into the career development of commercial pilots, the timetable and the challenges and benefits of the profession.

The Open House Day will be held at the Flight School on Friday, 10 May 2019 at 2 pm.